Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple (少林寺), Dengfeng, China

On July 2nd we arrived at Dengfeng, China. On The night of July 2nd those who were there to test did so in typical professional USSD style! This wasn’t an ordinary test as many of the students were not used to such high humidity levels Or the time of the test, but it was worth it to have the honor to test where our style began! On July 3rd there was a Martial Arts cultural exchange where members of the USSD family performed before the Shaolin Temple Abbot, and then we were treated to several demonstrations put on by the Shaolin Monks!


After the demonstrations those who tested the night before were officially promoted with Professor C. Mattera, and the Abbot.


After the promotional ceremony the training with the Monks began! This was such an absolute honor for all involved! There was also sight seeing around the Temple.



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