Welcome to USSD Costa Mesa

We are located about three miles south of the San Diego (405) freeway at the intersection Harbor Boulevard and Wilson Street.

Whether you want yourself or your kids to become more confident, focused and/or disciplined, or even if you just want to find a fun family activity, we are here to help you. At our dojo, we follow the martial art form of Kenpo Karate, which is a combination of Japanese Karate, Shaolin Kung fu and Jiu-jitsu. There are many martial arts to learn (Kung-Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kempo, Escrima, Judo, Taekwondo, Kick-Boxing, etc.), but our primary focus is to make your martial arts journey memorable!!

Benefits For Children

Children must have personal goals and a caring supporting system to make their dreams a reality. At United Studios of Self Defense, we will make your children strong, able and productive member of society, armed with character, strong self-discipline, and a healthy self-image.

Our martial arts training program can be helpful to children with physical challenges and to those with behavioral or personality traits that have made it difficult for them to succeed at other sports. Children who don’t seem to thrive in team sports often succeed in martial arts.  Some parents may wonder if the martial arts encourage aggressive and narcissistic behavior. We have found that quite the opposite is true.  A shy child is energized by learning martial arts; an energetic child finds a new sense of calm; a bully finds out that he isn’t as tough as he thought he was.  Aggressive behavior is not tolerated from our students, whether it is in or out of our studio we make sure all of our children understand the importance of respect and discipline.  Students also learn that they are responsible for their actions. Being respectful and being responsible are part of a martial arts way of life.

Benefits for Teens

Both male and female teenagers can benefit from martial arts instruction in a variety of ways. Young men learn skills that will help them assess danger and make wise decisions about when to be assertive and when to avoid confrontation. Young women also gain experience in assessing dangerous situations, as well as learn tactics that will help them escape and the confidence to defend themselves if escape isn’t possible.

Preparing teenagers to defend themselves while building their self-confidence is one of the greatest gifts we can give them as they cross that border to adulthood. Have you ever met a young brown belt or black belt student? You will find that they are among the most polite, self-assured and respectful people you will ever meet.

Our Kempo style karate training is unlike judo, jiu-jitsu, tae kwon do or most any other martial art. We focus on personal skills through one-on-one classes and group lessons. Our belt ranking system sets achievable goals that motivate while strengthening your sense of self-worth. Lessons in self-defense and karate last a lifetime, and remain practical for students who were given the opportunity to partake in serious study. Teenagers are at the perfect age to begin studying martial arts because they are both physically able to do the movements and mentally mature enough to understand their applications.

Benefits For Adults

The martial arts offer the adult student many unique benefits:

For a professional who is looking for that added mental edge in business, recent studies show that adults who exercise have lower blood pressure, increased muscular strength and better flexibility than those adults who do not exercise. They can cope with high levels of stress and have a confident self-image.

For someone who wants to learn self-defense skills, especially with the crimes of violence that have increased dramatically nationwide, training at United Studios of Self Defense will give you the confidence you need to take control of any situation. Not only will you learn the physical principles of self-defense, but also the mental awareness you need to recognize and avoid problem situations.

Learn To Defend Yourself

United Studios of Self Defense teaches the art of Shaolin Kempo.  Shaolin Kempo was developed with self-defense being the primary goal. One of the most important aspects of our martial art is to teach men, women, and children of all ages how to defend themselves.

Having the knowledge that you can protect yourself or those you love, or knowing that your child can defend themselves in any situation, will bring an incredible sense of security into your life and the lives of those you care about.  Our instructors at USSD Irvine work with all of our students to ensure this confidence becomes a part of everyday life.

Build Self-Confidence

No matter how young or how old our students are, we teach each and every individual that step into our dojo self-confidence and self-discipline. Martial arts training strengthens all the muscle groups, improves flexibility and coordination, and promotes mental toughness and perseverance. Improved self-esteem is a natural byproduct of this.